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The BRITELITE and VINVERTH  brands  were established in 2000 and 2001 respectively  with the vision of evolving into a world leader in the consumer electronics segment that always stays one step ahead of the rapidly changing, technologically progressive times, to provide sustained value for money to the discerning consumer. By combining our strengths of marketing, sales, customer service, warehousing and financial acumen, our expression of business interest has left its indelible mark – as demonstrated through millions of loyal, delighted customers and consequentially, several rewarding ventures.
We first ventured into the distribution of the “Maglite” brand of flashlights (manufactured in USA) and focused our astute marketing skills on this flashlight brand. We soon hit bulls eye, with “Maglite” transforming it into the biggest market grosser in the Middle East. Encouraged by this achievement we turned our attention to another flashlight brand Acculux (manufactured in Germany) – the inventor of rechargeable flashlights. In spite of the brand being a formidable force in the western hemisphere, it had been unsuccessful in penetrating the Middle East market. Once again, we demonstrated our marketing prowess to penetrate and grow the GCC market for Acculux.
In the year 2000 we undertook the sole distributorship for the flagship product of the German company Britelite Technologies in the Middle East which paved the way for the BRITELITE range of flashlights. It was history in the making as we created and sustained an enviable brand equity that left the then market leaders stunned. With the Innovative head located in Germany a new consumer electronics brand was launched -VINVERTH. A multitude of products not limited to Emergency Lights, Energy Saving Lamps, HVD and DVD Players, Electric Irons, Mixers and so on – all of which ended up to be market leaders, in their respective segments were developed over a very short timeline. Our in-depth understanding of market dynamics often gave birth to breakthrough products from our very own Research & Development wing. Besides being the first to launch LED flashlights, our R&D is also credited with the following innovations and patents.
    1) Energy saving function in Emergency Lights
    2) Dual vent technology patented as “Thermovent” in Energy Saving Lamps
    3) High Definition DVD under Trademark HVD
    4) The first complete 7.1 Channel Home Theatre System
    5) First company to introduce Night Glow technology into LED Flashlights.
    6) First company to integrate Intelligent light detection technology into LED flashlights holding international patent in the same.
Popular demand continues to encourage us to come up with many more innovative and energy efficient products which offer good value for money.

Our Group Companies

Britelite Technologies - Hamburg Germany
Britelite Technologies located in Hamburg, Germany is the corporate think tank for the group which concentrates on R&D and handles trademarks and Patents.
Britelite Middle East FZCO – Jebel Ali, UAE
Britelite Middle East FZCO was established in 2000  The company is also responsible for spearheading the export business from its offices and warehouse located at Jebel Ali Free Zone. The corporate offices are housed in this sprawling 50,000 sq feet complex along with a Board members office located at the Business Centre Building, Bur Dubai.
Jupiter Component Makers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Constructed in a sprawling 5 Acres of land is the 140,000 sq ft futuristic assembly line production facility for both the Britelite and Vinverth lines of products. Christened Jupiter Component Makers (India) Pvt. Ltd, this is an export oriented unit at Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu.
Jupiter Electronics Co. LLC. Branches
With our headquarters in Dubai, we have made our presence immensely felt in the UAE. We have six showrooms across the UAE located in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah & Gayathi. Apart from this, we have a very strong dealer network across the UAE.All our products are the result of regular market surveys that gauge consumer preferences and market requirements. Our showrooms play in vital role in achieving this objective.
GCC Sales Offices
To ensure sufficient reach and availability to the discerning consumer, we have opened our own offices across the GCC (Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and KSA). We have 7 offices strategically located in Saudi Arabia -punctuated at Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah and warehouses in Khammis, Tabouk and Buraida and SAKAKA
Jupiter Trading Company
Jupiter Trading Company manages our flagship store at Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive, Cochin and oversees the whole and retail sales & marketing of our products in different parts of India.
Jupiter Couriers – India
Jupiter Couriers was established in November 2007 with the intention of revolutionizing the speed and quality of delivery to consumers, even in remote locations. Headquartered in Kerala, plans are underway to expand to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh shortly. Our courier service is an embodiment of 600 collection centres ,86hubs and four transshipment hubs across the landscape of Kerala which facilitates easy pick up and drop. In Kerala, in addition to handling deliveries for our group companies, the courier network has been opened to the general public effective August 1, 2010.
Jupiter Communications
To achieve flawless executions of our proprietary marketing strategy, we have formed a company, Jupiter Communications which would dedicatedly work towards achieving this goal – To communicate, to persuade and to convince. Here, creation is passion. Jupiter Communications has the facilities to do in-house print, radio, TV campaigns and any type of above/ below the line advertising activities for the brands of Jupiter group. In short, a one-stop solution for all our advertising needs.
Many works from the stables of Jupiter Communications have been award winners and have also been case studies in major universities in the Gulf.
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